Biohazzards Decontamination and Sanitisation Cleaning and Clearance

Biohazzards are a serious concern, and whether it is emergency cleaning, end of life clearance & cleaning, restoring order after a road traffic accident or break-in, we are here to help. 

We are specialists in hoarding clearance, Police Custody & Prison Cell cleansing, hazardous waste removal, sharp sweeps, and the clearance of infectious materials. Fast, thorough and courteous, you can also rely on our absolute discretion and be assured of complete confidentiality.

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What are biohazzards and what are the associated risks?


In order to eliminate the risk of infection from viruses including hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV, any space that has been exposed to biohazards (bodily fluids and faeces) needs specialist cleaning and decontamination. 

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002, employers are bound by law to protect the health and safety of employees and anyone else entering their premises.

Employers are required to have an effective procedure for the reporting of any incident related to biohazard/s detailed in their Health and Safety plan. This must include an infection risk assessment and clear direction for decontamination of an affected space. 

This should be completed as a priority, as bodily fluids are liable to soak into absorbent coverings such as soft furnishings and floor tiles and which will not be immediately apparent. This in turn makes the clean-up operation more challenging and heightens the risk of infection.

How can we help you?

Offencive Waste removal

Combatting fly-tipping, clearing properties, and removing hazardous waste, we are recognised as the leading option for environmentally friendly waste removal in Essex. Breathing life back into previously neglected spaces, we’re passionate about removing, re-homing, and recycling discarded items, placing our services at the heart of litter-free communities. 

From emergency collections and site clearances to general waste removal and liquid spillages, we’re committed to our trio of promises – safe, sustainable, and always speedy.

Hazardous waste removal

We care. Bringing cutting-edge equipment, stringent risk-management provisions, and a specialist set of eyes to you, our team are renowned for disposing of hazardous waste. Whether it’s chemical waste, electrical waste, or asbestos, we have the tools to safely move your rubbish to its new home, thwarting risks to public health and the environment. 

From the moment we knock on your door to the moment we appropriately dispose of your waste, we’ll walk hand-in-hand with environmental legislation and industry best practices, minimising risks and maximising convenience.

Needle sweep and Sharp removal

It’s so much more than a collect-and-go package. Preventing the spread of infectious diseases, our needle sweep and sharps bin collection services are renowned for leaving no stone unturned. Through the use of PPE, ultra-safe sweep techniques, and appropriate waste disposal, we operate in line with governmental regulations, placing safety front and centre. 

From razors, knives, and glass, to used syringes, our services are integral in high-footfall areas, end-of-tenancy homes, and squatter-occupied properties, restoring safety and supporting your peace of mind.

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