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At Luna Cleaning Solutions, we specialize in floor maintenance carpet cleaning and can treat all types of flooring including carpets, natural stone, parquet soft wood, tiles, and more. 

Using the latest techniques and top quality products and equipment, floors of all types benefit from an occasional deep clean. Removing germs and bacteria, and ensuring that even the toughest stains are removed, our specialist floor cleaning team will transform your base from sullied to spotless; from fetid to fragrant.

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We offer a range of services to insure that your floor will get some much deserved love.

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Natural stone restoration

Protecting your investment, our natural stone floor restoration services are as bespoke as they are tired-and-tested. Working with all natural stones, from limestone, marble, and granite to slate, we’ll approach your flooring with a tailor-made strategy, developing a cleaning, resealing, and maintenance plan to suit.

 Accounting for stone porosity, age, wear and tear, and the number of stains, our cleaning specialists are tasked with bringing your floor back to life, with the help of high-quality cleaning solutions, abrasives, polishes, and sealant.

Carpet & upholstery cleaning

We believe that small tweaks make all the difference. Creating that ‘new carpet’ feeling year-round, our carpet and upholstery cleaning service is designed to give your spaces a face-lift, reversing signs of ageing, revitalising your surroundings, and extending the lifespan of your flooring and furnishings. 

Armed with pioneering tools and an eagle eye for detail, we’re halting the never-ending cycle of new furniture, rugs, and carpets, breathing life back into your wallet.

Jet washing

Reversing build-up, combatting dirt, and maintaining picture-perfect exteriors, our jet washing service is renowned for catapulting curb appeal. From paths and patios to paving and car parks, we’re bringing a new age of jet washing to Essex, where floors are transformed, damage is avoided, and efficiency is key. 

Beyond creating squeaky clean surroundings, this service is recognised as the driving force behind long-term results, preventing discolouration, mould, and mildew stains – to name a few.

Tile restoration

It’s the focal point of your property, where eyes are pulled to and debris hides. As the home of stand-out tile restoration services in Essex, we take pride in reviving worn tiles, offering a ‘win’ for your expenses and the environment. 

Armed with gentle tools, cutting-edge cleaning solutions, and the thorough approach we’re known for, we’ll eliminate even the most deep-set grime. Removing stains, tackling discolouration, and maintaining your home’s visual appeal, we’ll use a range of techniques to transform your tiles.


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